Film: Gorilla Warfare (on 60 minutes Australia)

Virunga: 60 minutes (Australia)

3SAT: Die Fährte der Wilderer aufnehmen

ZDF Mittagsmagazin: Mit Hunden gegen Wilderer

Virunga Film Trailer

Interview mit André Bauma und Orlando von Einsiedel

Inteview con Orlando von Einsiedel

Emmanuel de Merode is talking about his work in Virunga

Les trésoirs de l' Est con Tanguy Demortier & Philippe Lamair

No Risk no FunMarlene Zähner e Furaha visitano Kurt Aeschbacher

Il Progetto Congohounds Marlene Zähner parla del progetto nel Congo (Yves Rocher Umweltstiftung)

Guns for Hire Congo,:   " This is my second documentary filmed in team with Jim Foster and reporter Sam Kiley. We followed Conrad Thorpe, an ex British Special Forces colonel who got hired by the Congolese government to train anti-poaching units in the Virunga National Park. They are known as ICCN rangers (Institue Congolais pour la Conservation de la Nature). After a decade of civil war it's a desperate attempt to protect Congo's endangered wildlife. Claudio von Planta, 2006