The Country

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), located in central Africa,
is often referred to as the heart of Africa. The DRC is the second
largest country in Africa and is six and a half times larger than
Germany. The country is rich in mountain landscapes with the glaciated
peaks of the Rwenzori mountains (5.000m +) to the north and the
Virunga Massif (4.000m +) a little farther south. The DRC also has an
abundance of rainforest. The rainforest of the Congo river basin
covers 60% of the country and is the world's second largest. The DRC
is one of the most mineral-rich countries in the world, yet
tragically, is also considered one of the world's most undeveloped and
impoverished. Seventy million people from 200 ethnic groups call the
Congo home. Each tribe speaks its own language, but only four of the
native languages are officially recognized: Kogongo, Tschubila,
Lingala and Swahili. French is the official foreign language spoken in the DRC. The Congolese people
are mainly Christian by faith --  most being Catholic or Protestant. Virunga National Park is located in the
province of North Kivu, along the north eastern border of the country. Parts of N. Kivu border Rwanda and
Uganda. The capital city of the province is Goma, which is located on beautiful Lake Kivu.