Our Dogs

The Hound Congo project was started early 2011 with the purchase of several bloodhounds, a breed, who has been bred and selected for centuries to trail down people. They are called "Mantrailer" or people search dogs. These dogs are capable of picking up the scent off an scent article (garment, poachers trap, vehicle, etc) and follow the trail / scent of any given person for miles, even when the trail is days old 


Members of the Team are:

The Star: Bloodhound Dodie

The Sisters: Sabrina & Lila

Our latest talent

Furaha (= Joy, Swaheli)

The latest addition to our team are our Springer Spaniels Molly and Tumaini, both trained to become snifferdogs. These dogs are capable of detecting ivory, other CITES items and bush meat when checking vehicles, building or areas. The two spaniels are trained in in Switzerland and will travel to Virunga National Park by Fall 2013